Auto clean chimneys

Kkolar’s Auto clean chimneys! The name itself says it all. We can simply say, these appliances make your life easier, as they are blessed with auto clean function which reduces your overhead.

Chimneys make your kitchen smoke and odor free. Other chimneys need proper cleaning at regular intervals of time. But Kkolar’s chimneys have an immense benefit of saving your time. There are many manufacturers of auto clean chimneys present in the market, but if you are planning to buy one, then you must go through this guide for better understanding.

Just turn on the auto clean button of your chimney and enjoy your spare time. It will enable the motor elements to melt the accumulated grease into the collecting tray.

What is an auto clean chimney?
Auto clean chimneys have a very low maintenance cost, unlike other chimneys.

These auto clean chimneys are provided with an oil collector tray which accumulates the oil particles produced during cooking. It ensures a greater life of chimneys as no oil sticks to the internal parts of chimneys.

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