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Kkolar’s KCR 60 SS Cooking Range

Cooking range resembles your old stove given a redesign. It gives you a chance to cook various things on the double and numerous extra includes.

On the off chance that you’re searching for the best ones, at that point, we have a rundown for you that will manage you to settle on the correct choices while purchasing.

KKOLAR is perhaps the best brand to purchase cooking range online in India and has an immense assortment of choices to browse.

Here is a rundown of the best cooking extents in India which can be purchased online from KKOLAR’s site:-


cooking range

First, on the rundown, we have KKOLAR’s KCR 60 SS, which highlights an auto electric start empowered cooking range with a limit of 59 Liters to stove space and four burners with one triple fire burner.

It is furnished with Cast iron flame broils a broiler plate and a barbecue rack. It additionally includes a rotisserie permits simple and heavenly cooking of the meat.

The stove is gas worked and has twofold glass layered broiler entryway for included security and yet gives a simple perspective on the nourishment being cooked.

It helps in checking cooking in advancement without opening the stove window. It additionally includes a depression cooling framework which permits bother free subsequent to cooking cool down.

The treated steel body with dark front glass permits simple tidy up. It is additionally outfitted with an indoor regulator which permits exactness cooking and can be worked to up to 250-degree centigrade.

It is valued at a reasonable INR 69,990 and is outstanding amongst other cooking range in its portion.

Following up we have KKOLAR’s KGM 90, a 90 cm cooking range with an electric broiler. The 5 Gas Burners with One Big Triple Flame Sabaf Burner which makes exceptional warmth which is ideal for singing, browning and sautéing.

It accompanies a cast iron frying pan that enables you to prepare delightful dinners like hotcakes and quesadillas. A full scope of burner choices gives you all that you have to cook like a star.

The stove highlights incorporate a depression of 100 liters which is ideal for preparing huge family dinners with various dishes. The two glass layered stove entryway with mirror finish enables the warmth to be absolutely dispersed for that ideal cooking.

It includes a broiler light which enables you to screen cooking in advancement without opening the stove entryway. The tempered steel finish permits simple tidy up, and the customizable legs permit the cooking extent to accommodate your kitchen splendidly.

The cooling framework has a show fan and an indoor mechanical regulator for exactness cooking. What’s more, it accompanies a Dish hotter compartment to keep completed dishes warm till supper time without drying out or over-preparing.

It is evaluated at INR 89,990 and given the highlights. It is a standout amongst other cooking range in India in its fragment.

Next in line, we have KKOLAR’s KCR 60 SS, a 90 cm auto electric start cooking range with a stove limit of 100 liters. It is furnished with a hardened steel hob highlighting five gas burners with one triple ring burner which helps for extreme cooking adaptability and cooktop flexibility.

You can utilize the stew burner for sensitive nourishments like sauces or the frying pan burner for hotcakes or level bread. KKOLAR’s faultless plans and immaculate innovation guarantees ground-breaking execution which conveys reliable outcomes.

The tempered steel body with dark front glass looks lovely and makes cleaning it simple. It is outfitted with an indoor regulator, and it sets and screen dish temperature with an in-constructed clock.

The twofold glass layered stove entryway helps in accuracy cooking, and furthermore makes it simpler to screen the cooking without opening the broiler entryway. It additionally includes a computerized clock for precision and a programmed power cut-off for included security. It accompanies a rotisserie for cooking scrumptious meat-dishes.

It is evaluated at INR 102,990 and will be a profitable expansion to your kitchen.


Sparing the best for the last, we have KKOLAR’s KCR 60 SS. This auto electric start empowered cooking range with 100 liters of broiler limit is a cutting edge gear that makes certain to increase the value of your kitchen space.

The dark matte completion and bronze shaded handles adds that bit of style to your kitchen. Outfitted with 100 liters of stove space, it is perfect for both household and business use. It has five gas burners with one triple fire burner which enables you to prepare hugely and expound dinners.

The extensive stove and five burners can enable you to handle complex gourmet plans or straightforward one-dish suppers. Also, it has every one of the highlights referenced above in the other KKOLAR cooking range.

It is valued at RS. 119,990 and is an incentive for cash cooking range which will make your cooking knowledge even more awesome.

You can likewise check all the more cooking reach cost in India that is right now accessible on our site.

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