Refreshing Range of Kkolar’s Wine Coolers

Raise a toast on special occasions with Kkolar’s best wine cooler

Welcome to the world of Kkolar’s new range of latest wine cooler.

The refreshing design and unparallel technology makes it the best

Nothing is better than having a relaxed time on a beautiful evening with a toast of chilled wine in your hand.

If you want to get rid of a boring and irritating day or make any occasion special, then our wine coolers can be your great companion.

Give a kick to your day with our wine cooler

Kkolar has always been a pioneer in giving it’s customers a relishing experience.

We present you our two new wine coolers Kkolar IN/OUT SS K WC 24 SS & Kkolar IN/OUT SS K WC 36 SS

wine cooler
Kkolar IN/OUT SS K WC 36 SS
wine cooler
Kkolar IN/OUT SS K WC 24 SS

Why our wine coolers are the best?

  1. They are designed to maintain optimum temperature
  2. They provide a perfect environment for your wine’s maturity
  3. They keep a proper level of humidity
  4. They decrease the rate of wine’s aging
  5. They increase the taste of your wine
  6. They have a compact size
  7. They are handy
  8. They are portable
  9. They give a classy look to your kitchen

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