Kkolar’s KMOV 34 SS Built-In Microwave

A classy microwave for a classy lifestyle

Kkolar is a well-known brand in the microwave market. We have always strived for providing quality products and our built-in microwaves reflect that.

Your love and support inspired us to assimilate the latest technology in our products.

We introduce you to our brand new range of built-in microwaves KMOV 34 SS.

It is an exemplary display of engineering and perfection.

Why Buy KMOV 34 SS Built-In microwave?


Your kitchen plays a very important part of improving your social status.

Kkolar’s KMOV 34 SS gives your a kitchen completely new look.

It takes your pain in the kitchen and serves you with comfort and healthy food.

It is designed to consume less power to make it friendly with your pocket.

It performs numerous functions, which make it the best microwave available at the lowest price.

  1. Sterlize your utensils with ease- Just keep your wet utensils in your microwave for about 90 seconds and there you go. Your KMOV SS 34 will heat up your utensils to make them germ-free.
  2. Make your sponge free of bacteria- Put your wet sponge inside the KMOV SS 34 for two minutes and heat it. Now the wet steam will take away all the bacterias.
  3. Make your fruits juicier- All you need to do is place your fruits (like oranges, lemons, etc.) inside the KMOV SS 34 for just 60 seconds and warm them. This will make your fruits juicier. Now, extract extra juice and serve your guests with delicious fruit juices.
  4. Make your stale chips crispy with ease- your KMOV SS 34 absorbs the moisture from your chips and makes them crispy. All you need to do is place your stale chips in KMOV SS 34 for about 90 seconds and warm it. There you go, enjoy your chips.

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