Kkolar’s Kitchen Products- Dream It, Live It

Kkolar’s Built-in Appliances for a better life

Kkolar is a well-established brand in the field of Built-in Appliances for kitchen.

We introduce you to the world of excellence through our technologically advanced products like built-in Microwave and built-in Oven.

Experience the best of technology with Kkolar’s best built-in Microwave

  1. Kkolar IN/OUT SS Built-in Microwave: KMOV 30 SS
Built-in Appliances

It offers a completely new look to your kitchen with its astonishing design and looks.

Apart from a classy look and in/out mount type, KMOV 30 SS is specially designed to make your life comfortable.

It can easily perform the following functions which make it the best microwave available in the market.

  1. Peeling the onions and garlic automatically:
    It takes a lot of efforts and pain to peel the onions and garlic manually. But, not now. With Kkolar’s KMOV 30 Microwave, you just need to relax and leave it to your microwave.
  2. Roasting the nuts with perfection:
    Now, you just need to add the spices to the nuts which you want and place the nuts inside the microwave. Wait for about one minute and now, you are ready with your delicious roasted nuts.
  3. Make more delicious lemonade or orange juice:
    You just need to place lemons or oranges inside the microwave to make them a little warmer. It makes the fruits deliver extra juice. Now just take them out and squeeze them to extract the best juice.
  4. Automatic cleaning: The best thing about KMOV 30 SS is that it can clean itself automatically. To do that, just pour little vinegar in a bowl and put it inside the microwave. Heat it for about 2-3 minutes. Now the steam will clean the microwave automatically.

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