Why Kkolar is a brand in Cooking Range?

Serve health with Kkolar’s cooking range

Kkolar is best trusted for it’s cooking range. The company has never compromised with the quality of products.

The success of our previous cooking appliances is a symbol of your trust upon our excellence & brand image.

It has once again included the latest technology into its new product KCR 60 SS.

cooking range

It promises to make your life comfortable in the kitchen. Besides that, it is energy efficient.

The best thing about it is that it keeps the food nutrients undamaged during cooking, so you get the best diet.

Why buy Kkolar’s KCR 60 SS cooking range?

  • It has ovens with huge capacity
  • It has a very strong brass burner
  • It consumes little fuel
  • It can be cleaned very easily
  • It has the lowest maintenance cost
  • It has a very high life
  • It has a very large oven, so it takes less time to cook food
  • It evenly distributes the heat to bake the food better. The heat around the meal packs it’s surface and makes the food juicier

Wondering, what our cooking range does for you?

Just imagine, you are going to buy a house. Now, what you will look first in the house? The bedroom, the hall and of course, the kitchen area.

This happens the same way with your guests when they visit your house.

Your kitchen is not just an area in your house, it has become an integral symbol of your social status.

Kkolar gives you an offer to make your kitchen shine with the good looks of its new cooking range KCR 60 SS without compromising with the nutrients of food.

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