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Always trying to carry the most recent developments to India, Kkolar has included another achievement in its adventure with the dispatch of Chimney with BLDC Motor. BLDC is the short structure for Brush Less D C Motor, the vitality sparing lower commotion engine monitors power and take us to a greener fireplace.

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For more than 2 decades Kkolar has been fabricating a wide assortment of smokestacks particularly appropriate for Indian Cooking. The range incorporates Island hoods, Straight line, Split, Auto clean and Designer stacks to suit each kitchen and prerequisite of clients.

First time in Quite a while, Kkolar Introducing Heat Auto Clean Chimney with KKOLAR engine Hitze 60 is accessible in 60/75/90 cm sizes with 10 variable speeds and suction limit of 1400m3/h

What is a BLDC Motor?

Brushless DC Motor is made without the brushes with the outcome it has a more drawn out life, it delivers low warmth, and it makes lower clamor.

Contrasted with conventional engines that have brushes, KKOLAR engines run proficiently and have next to zero power misfortune, it changes the RPM dependent on the necessity and if there should be an occurrence of any blockage the RPM increments to deal with the equivalent and once the blockage is evacuated the RPM is decreased. Accordingly its very vitality productive as utilizations just as much power as required to play out the capacity. It is assessed that a decent KKOLAR engine utilizes around 40-half of the power utilized by the customary engines.

Favorable circumstances of KKOLAR Motor

•              Smaller in size

•              10 step speed choice according to prerequisite

•              Lower age of warmth

•              High Starting torque

•              Faster reaction

•              No or less support

•              Longer life

•              Low clamor

Highlights of 6074 Auto clean Chimney with KKOLAR Motor:

Low clamor level: lesser commotion guarantees a quiet situation for more center and pleasant cooking background.

Movement Sensor Touch controls: The smart touch controls with signal control, so only development of the hand and the fireplace works.

The high suction 1400m3/h: With amazing suction, the smoke and oil particles gets sucked out quickly and the kitchen condition stays free of smoke and grime.

Channel less innovation: With cutting edge heat auto clean innovation, the non appearance of channels guarantee higher wind stream and lower upkeep.

Oil authority plate: the treated steel oil gatherer plate gathers the oil and oil particles and guarantees bother free cleanup.

Driven Lamps: to give abundant lighting to the cooking region, this chimney accompany amazing LED lights for helpful cooking.

Keeping Kitchen Fresh: It has an element where on the off chance that you switch on this framework, at that point the chimney runs on the most minimal speed with no clamor and the kitchen stays crisp consistently.

Turbo Exhaust: The chimney likewise has an arrangement that when put on this mode the chimney will run on the most noteworthy speed and if there should arise an occurrence of any blockage in the framework a similar will be expelled.

Warmth Auto Clean: The chimney confesses all innovation with controlled temperature which warms the lodging and melts the stored oil so it dribbles down to the oil gatherer. Cleans the smokestack.

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