Quality Kitchen Appliances From Kkolar

Experience the excellence of best quality kitchen products from Kkolar such as Chimney, Island chimney.

In this technology driven era when everyone is looking for products which give their lifestyle a flavor of high standards.

Kkolar is the only company which is committed to provide the best appliances to make your life healthy and classy.

Kkolar’s Kitchen chimney is specially designed to make your house smoke free with powerful 1080 air suction capacity.

The engine power of 240 W makes it very powerful, energy efficient and the Best chimney available in the market.

Everyone aspires to possess high quality products which are easy to use and look classy.

Kkolar’s Cooktop is one such kind of products. It’s In/Out mount type and digital display gives your life the comfort of latest technology. Apart from that it is highly efficient to take care of your wallet.

Our In/Out Hob cook your food at the optimum temperature which preserves the food nutrients from getting destroyed.

At Kkolar we believe in serving health with our kitchen appliances.

Your kitchen is also a vital part of your status in the society. Apart from that a comfortable kitchen spreads happiness in the family.

Kkolar’s cooking hobs give you the pleasure of serving delicious food with a classy touch.

We have full range of Built-in Appliances which enlighten your life with comfort and make your home maker feel easy in the kitchen.

One such product is our In/Out built-in oven. It is digital display, huge capacity makes it the most sought after kitchen product.

Apart from that, it is designed to consume less electricity to lessen the burden on your pocket. It comes with one year warranty which adds colors to its value.

Kkolar’s built-in microwave tops the chart of microwaves available in the market. It is blessed with a wide range of functions. It’s digital display and  in/out mount  become the candy of everyone’s eyes.

Kkolar is known for energy efficient appliances with top quality engineering and our built-in appliances are also not exceptions.

Whenever you are tired or had a terrible day in office, leave all the stress behind and enjoy chilled wine at your home with our wine cooler, wine chillers.

We have a huge range of wine chillers which not only suit your budget but also give you a relaxing environment.

We believe that a happy housewife is the root of happiness in the house, that’s why we have our cooking range specially designed to make cooking fun for all.

Now, enjoy healthy and delicious food without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Our easy to use cooking range makes life easier for the cooks in the kitchen.

After having a long stressful day, or after a house party, nobody likes to wash the mount of dishes, right? Well, our dish washer is here to help you out.

Now, just place the dishes inside the dishwasher and leave the rest of chores to it. The best thing about it is that you don’t even need to take out the washed dishes manually.

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